Hospital Palliative Care Team – Beatson

Hospital Palliative Care Team – Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

Referrals to Hospital Palliative Care Teams require the agreement of the referring consultant and should be made through Trakcare.

Advice within office hours – contact the palliative medicine secretary and a member of the team will call you back.
Tel: 0141 301 7041/7042

In patient referrals can be made (Monday-Friday 8.30am – 5pm) via Trakcare. If referral is urgent please also phone the palliative care secretary. All referrals should have been discussed with the referring registrar or consultant
Tel: 0141 301 7041/7042

On call Palliative Medicine Advice is available out with office hours. The patient should have been assessed by a middle grade doctor who should then contact the Palliative Medicine Consultant on call via switchboard.
Tel: 0141 301 7000

Palliative Care Pharmacist
Tel. 0141 301 7044


Community Palliative Care Teams

Referrals to Community Palliative Care Teams require a completed referral form and cannot be made through Trakcare. Each hospice/community palliative care team has a separate referral form that can be obtained through the links below.

The Hospital Palliative Care Team at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre make referrals to all

Community Teams / Hospices within NHSGGC area


Community Teams / Hospices outside NHSGGC area

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